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Cotton Kids Consignment Policy

General Consignment Policies:
  • You, the consignor, will receive 40% of the items actual sale price.
  • Your earnings will accumulate in your account as your items sell.  If you have a balance of $11.00 or more after the $1 service fee is deducted & it is after the 23rd of the month & do not use it as a store credit to purchase items, then you will have a check after the 5th of the next month, minus a $1.00 service fee, for your entire balance.  If you have less than $11.00 in your account, then your store credit will roll into next month’s business.  You may use your store credit at anytime towards purchases in the store.
  • If you prefer to be a “credit only” consignor, please let us know.  We will always keep your credit on your account for you to use in the store towards purchases & this credit will never expire.
  • Checks will be available for you to pick up in the store for 90 days.  We do not mail checks except to out of state consignors. Checks will void after 90 days & will not be re-issued.
  • Pricing is set by the store and will be maintained for 45-60 days.  After that time, items will be reduced to half price.  However, it is at the store’s discretion to change the price at any time.
  • Items that have not sold after 90 days will become store owned and be subject to a “blowout” sale or donated to a quality charity of our choice.  Donation receipts are available upon request.
  • Because we have over 5000 consigners, we will not be able to contact you when your items sell, or if you have a check. By giving us a call once a month, we will be able to let you know any activity that is taking place on your account.
  • It is your responsibility to mark your calendar one week before the effective date & retrieve your items you do not want reduced in price or donated.  Items left after 30 days at half price may no longer be available.
Merchandise Consignment Policies:
  • Consignments are accepted Wednesdays through Saturdays ONLY!!! Please be sure to check our consignment schedule so that you are consigning your items on the correct weeks. 20 Items or less per consignor, per day.  Please place your freshly laundered items in a bag.  To be sure your account is properly credited, please label your bag with your first & last name & phone # with a permanent marker.  No tape or stapled papers please.  If you are new,  please let us know & we will get you set up.
  • All clothing must be freshly laundered and in like-new condition.  No pet hair or odor (e.g. smoke) on clothing, please!!
  • Our consignments are seasonal, so please check the website at COTTONKIDSCONSIGNMENT.COM each week to be sure you are bringing in the correct items.  There are weeks that we are unable to accept any items due to our storage space being full, so please be sure to call or check the website before you drive down with your items.
  • We accept preemie sizes up to Junior sizes for boys & girls & Maternity.  Girls/Boys sizes 12 & up to a Junior size 13 will need to be a DESIGNER LABEL ONLY!  We have found that our sales are better for our consignors using this method.  WE ARE NOT “NAMED BRAND SENSITIVE” ON ANY OTHER SIZES!  Boys waist size will be accepted up to 32″ & x-large shirts.  Please have your boys attire stylish for the young men who shop our selection.  NO CORPORATE OR GOLF CLUB ATTIRE, PLEASE!
  • We will accept shoe sizes up to a Women’s size 9 & Men’s size 10.
  • We will accept Lamps, Pictures, Wall Décor Etc. that would be used to decorate a child or young adults room.  Please no items of a mature nature.
Furniture,  Equipment & Toy Policies:
  • We accept Cribs (not older than 7yrs or any drop down sided cribs manufactured before July 2010 due to recalls), Crib Mattresses, Certain Toddler Beds, Bassinets, Pack-N-Plays, Jumperoo’s, Exersaucers, Swings, High Chairs, Booster Seats for the kitchen table, Walkers, Changing tables, Dressers, Nightstands, Gates, Bedrails, Gliders with Ottomans, Strollers, Jogging Strollers, Bike Trailers, Trail a Bikes, Bicycles, Tricycles, Scooters, Power Wheels ride on vehicles, Outdoor Playhouses, Slides, Wagons & anything else that has to do with your children’s Furniture & Equipment.
  • Items will be accepted at ANYTIME as long as we have the floor space or a need for that item. We ask that you please make sure the items are clean and wiped down, as they sell better when they are.  PLEASE CALL FIRST TO GET ON OUR “LARGE ITEM” LIST BEFORE BRINGING YOUR ITEMS DOWN SO WE CAN RESERVE A SPOT FOR YOUR ITEM(S).
  • Booster Car Seats-We will accept a toddler car seat or booster seat as long as it complies with the guidelines that we use which are provided to us by the Fire Dept.  Car seats MUST be 5 years or newer & not have been in a car accident & in excellent condition.
  • TOYS- Toys are wonderful sellers.  We have found that toys sell best when they are clean & ready to be played with.  Toys with batteries in them will sell for more money & sell faster than without.  Dollar Tree batteries will do as we know how expensive regular brand batteries are.  If toys are brought in without batteries but in good condition, we will still sell them for you but at a lower price.
  • When we are sorting your items & come across something that we cannot accept we automatically donate it.  Items with stains, tears, rips, missing buttons, snags, broken zippers, too faded or worn looking, aged items, items from resorts or specific destinations printed on or any item we feel is unsellable.  If you are unsure about leaving a specific item, please ask us & we will let you know if we feel we can sell it for you.  If you are emotionally attached to an item, we recommend that you do not drop it off to consign.
  • We donate to several charities around the Denver Metro Area.  We have been working with an organization called the NAO Foundation which helps needy families all across our state for many years.  Ann, who runs this, is a wonderful soul who gives back to our community in so many ways.  If you have items that you feel are not sellable but would like to donate them, please just give them to us & we will make sure they get to Ann’s organization.
  • ALL DONATED ITEMS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE & GO TO ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE NON-PROFIT.  WE DO NOT GIVE OUR ITEMS TO GOODWILL OR SALVATION ARMY TYPE STORES.   Most of our donations go to the Denver Rescue Mission, Battered Women’s Shelter, Alternatives Pregnancy Centers & Churches in the area who are in need to help families who may have experienced a house fire or an unplanned child coming into the home.  We have also had our donated items end up in a small village in South Africa. 
Our Mission: Our goal is to help you, our consignor, receive the best value for your children’s consignments. We reserve the right to price merchandise accordingly, including sales and promotions. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to serve your consignment needs. COTTON KIDS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN, or BROKEN ITEMS


June Consignment Schedule

Wednesday June 5-Friday June 7

*We will be CLOSED Saturday June 8th due to the Parker Days Festival*

Wednesday June 19-Saturday June 22

Bring us your SCHOOL UNIFORMS! ANY day ANY time! (American Academy, PCK, North Star, or any other Parker area school!)

We are accepting Spring/Summer consignments

Spring/Summer consignments consist of t-shirts, tank-tops, swimsuits, shorts, lightweight pants, jeans, raincoats, windbreakers, shoes, rain boots, sandals, etc.

We will ONLY accept large items/large toys that we have room for! Please call ahead if you have any large items/large toys. This allows us to make sure we have the room to accommodate these items.

As always, please feel free to call with any questions!

Thank you and have a blessed day!



Hi Everyone!
As many of you are aware, my family took over Cotton Kids this past January, and since then our consignor base has grown to over 5000!
As we settle into our fall season, we wanted to extend our absolute appreciation to our over *5000* consignors that have helped make Cotton Kids a family go-to for consignment in our community!
Due to the overwhelming support, we wanted to give a quick update on a change in policy that will be going into effect regarding drop offs and consignments.
We will now only be accepting drop offs on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that each consignment and rotation has the proper chance to be processed through our system and sesason. This will be something that extends through the Fall/Winter season, and any updates to this policy will be posted on our website: cottonkidsconsignment.com We will be posting a monthly calendar on our website and Facebook with the weeks that we will accept consignments.
We know that this change is a bit different, but it is only through your generosity in consigning that has enabled us to make a growing difference and given us the opportunity to put out the very best items and furniture available to everyone.
Thank you all SO much for your understanding of this change, we look forward to making a difference, together!
~Cotton Kids